Reminiscing a thing long gone, fighting against legacy systems, a way to collaborate, and a no-code tutorial for a website.

1. A trip down memory lane

Flash might be dead, but this week there was a few things that got a bit of the 2000s vibe back.

First, someone posted a Youtube clip of the old 2advanced website on Twitter.

Video of 2advanced flash website

YouTube has more of those, I find the later ones even more characteristic for that era – but go see for yourselves.

Then, a couple of times this Vice article about the creative era that flash coined, and I really recommend to read it. The whole thing deserves an article on its own, but whereas from the standpoint of a standardized open web Flash is much questionable, the whole era, the spirit, and what it kicked off is unparalleled.

As an aside, this article about Yahoo! Games and the role Flash played in it (and, to an extent, made it), is also a very interesting read.

2. Can i use for emails

All web developers (should) know, a page that shows the availability of CSS properties for every browser. Now this also exists for email development, and it basically shows that Outlook sucks. This is the biggest reason why email development is still so cumbersome.

3. Designer and developers: it doesn’t have to be hate

Brad Frost and Dan Mall continuously share their attempts on improving the collaboration between designers and developers. Their attempt is the Hot Potato Process, which sounds less fun than it seems to be.

4. Creating a page in Webflow

I have been made aware of a couple of times now, and only heard much praise about it. I have only dipped my toes in the water, and didn’t get very far as of now. However, this tutorial might help me with that – it teaches how to create “a highly converting landing page”, which is a task that can be happily taken over by a a low-code person in a low-code tool. Almost like Flash back then ;)